What is a Concept ?

A lot of minds  flicker to answer  this  and similar  questions like “What is the need of a concept ?” or “How to relate a concept to a building form “

Concept is basically an abstract  idea of a thought process which leads you  to the final outcome. It can be an inspiration like waves of a sea or flower petals.

Concept  is the starting point of the design process through which one makes a connection  with the people and surroundings. It makes a building more relatable to the masses.

Concept can be a form or its functionality. One can also have a range of concepts  stringed together which complement  the main bigger  concept .

For Example – the concept of Burj Khalifa is based on “organic inspiration”  taken from “Hymenocallis” flower (regional desert flower).

Hymenocallis flower


Like petals from a stem , the towers wings extend from its central core . Viewed from base or air Burj is evocative of onion domes of Islamic architecture.

Also one can note that the base   of the inspiration of Adrain Smith (Chief Architect) was taken from the surroundings of  that  place focusing on the point that buildings should relate to the place where it is build , hence concepts are important to start with the thought process.