Strawcture Eco - Empowering Sustainable Construction

Inspired by Mother Nature, we are a sustainable construction company offering design-to-build services. Our Founder & CEO Shriti Pandey left her cushy job in New York City and headed to spend a year in rural India. Travelling the length and breadth of the country, she discovered a myriad of possibilities to reinvent the existing practices in the construction industry and thus Strawcture Eco was born. We harness the potential of agriultural residue to build structures which are cost effective, sustainable and exhibit a lower carbon footprint.


Apart from working for individual and institutional clients in urban areas, we also partner with foundations, NGOs, trusts, government bodies and CSR Initiatives to deliver quality rural and urban homes, child care centers, primary health care centers and schools.




We aim to spark a paradigm change in how we create, interact and sustain our built environment. We aspire to consume less and create more. Our ambition is to provide a sustainable alternative to how we currently build structures around us. For years, the construction industry has been stifled by the carbon-heavy methods of creating structures. Using nature’s strength and ingenuous wisdom, we use agri-fiber panels as our core construction material to build structures which are affordable and sustainable for all.



The waste of one industry can serve as the raw material for another one. Embracing this sacred concept of circular economy, we redefine the value chain and adopt an approach which is in harmony with nature. Our business model creates green jobs, increases farmers' income by 20% and reduces air pollution by discouraging crop stubble burning.

On an average, India generates 500 million tons of crop residue in a year. A large portion of this remains on the farm and the helpless farmer has no choice but to burn away the residue to prepare for the next harvest. This results in the emission of various greenhouse and other gases. Every year, most of North India succumbs to the reality and consequences of this stubble burning,     

We are determined to change the rules of the game and have adopted a new approach, where the end becomes the beginning. We at Strawcture decided that we needed to do something about this and so we came up with a game changing product that tackles it all. 

We stopped looking at crop residue as waste and started seeing it as raw material, a neglected resource that was cheap, easily available and non-hazardous to the environment. We took renewable sources of fiber like straw husk and bagasse and densely compressed it with adhesive to make sustainable dry wall panels. We then combined these with steel to make them even more durable. We thus created the sturdy, cost-effective and eco-friendly Agri-panel, the perfect panels for building an environmentally conscious home. 

Traditional construction practices are the biggest contributors to climate change. Moreover, brick-and-mortar structures are mostly made of materials that once demolished become waste. Unlike traditional construction companies that follow this linear economy, we only use materials that can be composted or recycled. This circular economy approach has allowed us to become the first company to have bio-material at the core of our business and we are primed to revolutionize the building industry.

The agri-panels are used to create structures that are modular, durable and sustainable. They can be used for making walls, ceilings, flooring, furniture and doors, making 70 percent of the structure envelope green. These panels are ISI and BIS certified, have a 2Hr+ fire rating, are moisture proof and termite proof, provide effective thermal and sound insulation and have a low carbon footprint.


Through our unique construction technology, we address these Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


As an eco-friendly substitute to the brick-mortar approach, we use agri-fiber panels as the building block for our structures. Our panels are made by compressing the potentially hazardous agri-residue, which work in conjunction with a steel framework to give birth to structures which epitomize sustainability.  


We are one of the ten companies approved by the Government of India for LGFS (Light Gauge Steel Frame) technology-based construction. Our technology is also approved by the Building Materials & Technology Promotion Council (BMTPC), Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Government of India.


But our panels aren’t just beneficial for our users they benefit others too. Our Circular Economy based business model creates green jobs, increases farmers’ income by enabling them to sell crop waste and reduces air pollution from crop stubble burning. 


We are committed to A New Sustainable way of Living where every sqft of your build space stores carbon (30kg/m2), provides 15% more income to farmers (buying stubble) and a long lasting durable alternative.


Projects Executed


Project Type

Client/ Partner



School Construction

National Education Society

11,000 sqft

Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh

Dry-Wall Partition, Office Interior

Medipolis Developers LLP

750 sqft

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Industrial Kitchen

UNDP/Govt of Haryana

2000 Sqft

Bhiwani, Haryana

2 Hr- Fire Rated Dry-wall Partition

Iron Mountain

8000 Sq Ft 

Bhubaneswar, Orissa


Mahila Housing Trust

600 Sqft

Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

Slum School Construction

Mahila housing Trust

500 Sqft

Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Snacks House G+2 Storey Construction

Mahila Housing Trust

800 Sqft

Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Vistex Hospital Construction

SELCO Foundation & DFY 

6000 Sqft 

Patna, Bihar

Rooftop Home Construction

Private End-User

1800 Sqft 

Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh

Mezzanine Flooring 


25,000 Sqft 

Bangalore , Karnataka

Batra Hospital


6000 Sqft


Heritage Experiential International School


8000 Sqft




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