Interior Designing Vs. Architecture as a Profession

A number of you will be thinking that what is the difference between interior designing and Architecture. The answer is quite simple. As the name suggests interior designing is the design of the interior of any built form. Whereas, architecture is more concerned with the overall built form than the interiors of it. While Interior Designing is more on a micro level, architecture in general is more on a macro level.

This is the basic difference between the two fields.

Many of you will be thinking in regards to which career to follow. Whether to be an interior designer or to be an architect and which profession will be most suitable for you. In our opinion, an architect can do the job of an interior designer while the interior designer will not be able to the job of an architect. This is because an architect learns a number of technicalities which is generally not included in an interior designing course.
Some of these technicalities include knowledge in regards to structures, estimation, material joinery and many others. This empowers an architect to design keeping in mind the technicalities which will go into actually executing the project. This is however not true in the case of an interior designer.
Interior designing also has its advantages in comparison to architecture as a profession. The average fee as charged by an interior designer is generally more as compared to the fee of an architect. While interior designers can charge as much as 20 percent of the total cost of the project as fees, an architect will generally settle for half the amount. The reason behind this is that interior designing as a profession requires a lot of more time on a single project as compared to that of an architects job.
To understand the differences between the field better. We must go into what both the professions require on a day to day basis.
An interior designer is generally required to set the tone for the interiors of any project. He or she generally fixate on a theme according to the likes or dislikes of the client and goes about designing the interiors. He or she coordinates the fabrics to be used, materials in terms of the flooring, ceiling, furniture and their relation to each other.
On the other hand, an architect’s job is much more broad based as compared to that of an interior designer. He or she designs the entire structure of the building keeping in mind the overall design and technicalities related to the building.
They deal with the material to be used, layouts of the interiors and much more.
Thus, we would say that go after what you think will be the best for you keeping in mind the job profiles. Also, keep in mind that an architect can do the job of an interior designer but not the other way around. Thus, putting the architect at an advantage.