How to align your living spaces with feng shui principles?

The ancient Chinese geomancy of Feng Shui which preaches harnessing energies around one to maintain peace and joy. The principles of feng shui are thousands of years old. It is believed to have been established some time back in the 9th century BC. However, even today, people around the world abide by and utilise it’s principles to create a space that is well aligned with feng shui principles, hoping for an equilibrium in their lives with peace and harmony. Feng shui principles are centered largely on the alignment of space one inhibits, whether it is a living or a working space, feng shui is believed to help retain energy flows through working well with different elements of nature. Using feng shui requires first understanding it’s principles well and then using them the right way to create a balanced and positive space. 


Central to feng shui in interior design is planning, laying out and designing one’s space in line with its fundamentals. There are five elements of nature that form the basis of feng shui, namely, Fire, Water, Earth, Water and Metal. Each of the elements have a significance and set of qualities associated with it, which further defines it’s purpose and placement in the living spaces. What each element represents also helps in ensuring how and where to utilise that particular element. Use of feng shui is known to help create a growth and positivity encouraging environment by utilizing the cosmic energies all around us. Doing so requires striking the right balance between the five elements of nature. With proper feng shui, it is believed that one can prosper, grow and even attain a better frame of mind, as it brings one closer to nature and it’s energies. 

The use of feng shui in interior design and architecture is not new, it has been practised for thousands of years and is often a contributing factor for people while buying or furnishing their homes.The literal purpose of feng shui in interior design is to attract good energies and cancel out the negativity as far as possible. It goes beyond the placement of rooms in a home, also extending focus to picking the right color, furniture, placing it well and incorporating organic and natural elements. Feng shui is known for designs that are believed to help promote and preserve the physical and mental well being of individuals. In a life full of constant stress and noise, using feng shui in your home could help you create your solace amongst the commotion. While one may not necessarily agree with the philosophies of feng shui, it’s practicality can also not be ignored. The Feng shui route of designing propagates creating a space with natural elements, space and overall neatness, creating a positive and pleasant surrounding,ultimately conducive to a better state of mind and focus for individuals. 

Here are some Feng shui principles you could use to for a positive and well balanced space.



One of the primary aspects of aligning your home with feng shui principles is planning the layout in accordance with the directional qualities. Each direction in feng shui, is assigned to a quality or purpose which it exudes. Aligning your spaces with these qualities, according to the purpose each room serves could help you plan the ideal layout. In order to do so, you could refer to the Bagua map. The bagua map is a map in line with feng shui’s principles, which divides a space into nine different parts, each in a different direction with a unique purpose. You could simply overlay the bagua map over your home layout to position each room the right way. For instance, the south east corner which promotes wealth and prosperity could be the ideal space for a home office or a simple work desk. The family area, in the east, could be the optimal spot for a living or dining area which usually sees families sitting down together. You could try to match each room with the right direction based on it’s purpose to create a well balanced layout. 


The color you use in a room is crucial to both its appearance and ambience. Feng shui has a particular set of energies associated with each color. 

- GREEN AND TEAL SHADES: Green and teal colors, associated with the wood element are known to promote growth and healing. You could use these colors in your workspace, meditation area or even your bedrooms. These shades look lively and bright, giving a positive feeling. 

- WHITE AND METALLICS: A simple white or some fun metallics could be a great pick for a space. Associated with the metal element, these colors are believed to propagate precision and efficiency, making them a specifically great pick for study and work zones. You could also use them in your living area for a simple serene look. 

- YELLOWS AND EARTHY TONES: Earthy tones and yellow shades are known to promote stability and self care. They are categorically associated with the earth element. These colors are versatile and can be used around the house. Using yellow shades your bedroom can serve the purpose just right, giving a pop of color and brightness for you to start your day with. On the other hand, the earthy tones can give a warm and rustic look. 

- REDS AND ORANGES: Red and orange tones are bright and usually feared by people. However, they are known to promote clarity and inspire one. Under the fire element, these colors can liven up any space with ease and are extremely eye-catching while creating a passionate and positive atmosphere. 

- BLUES AND BLACKS: Linked with the water element, blues and blacks could be a great addition to a space. These colors are known to promote intuition, growth and rejuvenation. You could use the blue colors around the house, in your living area, bedrooms or meditation spaces, for a calming effect. Similarly, black could be a good fit everywhere too, provided it is used in a well balanced manner. 


Picking the right furniture for a space is anyways essential to its look and functionality, feng shui further emphasises on some factors you could keep in mind while picking your furniture. The most crucial one is the shape of the furniture that you choose. In feng shui certain shapes are attached with certain traits that could be considered while picking the furniture appropriate for each space. Circle, is the most auspicious shape according to feng shui. It is believed to be representing a divine connection as it resonates with the shapes of celestial bodies such as the sun, moon and other planets. It is also viewed as the shape of a whole yin and yang. Yin and yang is yet another Chinese philosophy which talks about the balance of good and bad, which together forms a life. 

Heptagon, hexagon, oval and squares are the other shapes you could easily utilise in your furniture. Heptagon is associated with the earth element, grounded yet reaching for the sky while the hexagon is associated with wisdom and spiritualness. The oval shape is known to help strike a balance as well as contain energies well. Square shapes are tricky under feng shui as they could have both a positive or negative effect, by either promoting wealth or loss. Thus using it requires a little care and the right balance. 


The right placement of furniture is known to impact the flow and retention of energy greatly. In order for positive energy to flow through the room, your furniture needs to be placed in the right manner. Feng shui suggests that in the living room, the sofas should be placed up against the wall, and facing the front door. This is viewed as a position positive to energy flow and a welcoming layout as well. 

It also suggests that chairs and seating arrangements be placed in a U shape, rather than right against each other as it is seen to be confrontational, while the U shape is known to promote conversation. In the bedroom space, the bed is also supposed to be faced towards the front door, however, not directly in line with it. This approach also offers a practicality in terms of safety as it gives you a view of the room door so you can keep an eye on it, without directly facing the door. It is also suggested to avoid sharp edged furniture in the bedroom as well as steer clear of mirrors that show a reflection of one sleeping. 

In the kitchen area it is suggested that the stove be placed away from a dark corner and not directly up against the wall. The furniture may be placed in a manner that there is plenty of space to move around and there are not too many divisions or obstructions in the area disturbing the flow of energy. 

Another central principle of feng shui is to leave a good amount of space when placing furniture so that the energy can move around freely and is not blocked repeatedly. This is also a practical choice as it leaves enough space for one to move around the house comfortably, avoiding injuries or a crammed up feeling as furniture is to be placed with plenty of space, eliminating the possibility of overcrowding. For positive energy to envelop your entire house, your furniture placement needs to be done in a way that allows for energy to be retained as well as flow through different portions of the house, creating an overall positive environment. 


Ever since the pandemic hit, home offices or work spaces have become a part of everyday life. People have had to shift their businesses, work and even education to the virtual space. Creating a positive work environment has thus become all the more necessary. These tips can also be applied to your regular office. Feng shui suggests that the placement of furniture in a work space should be done in a way that the chair and desk be placed in a way that the door is in clear sight. It can either be placed directly in line with the door, or diagonal to the door. This is viewed as a position of authority and power. It is also suggested that the desk area be kept neat with not too many objects on it as that could be distracting and overwhelming. 


Maintaining your living space in line with feng shui principles is key to maintaining the constant flow and retention of positive energies all around you. Doing so entails, first and foremost, tackling the clutter well. Clutter is viewed as an obstacle to the flow of positive energies. It also creates a negative feeling in one’s mind as clutter and mess can make you feel overwhelmed and crammed up. It also messes with one’s concentration, making it essential to keep your space as neat as possible. Feng shui also suggests that shows must not be brought into the living space. It suggests that when walking into your living areas, shows must be kept outside as it is believed that they can bring in the outside negative energy. Doing so is also practical as it reduces the amount of cleaning you need as the dust from outside, caught up in your shoes does not interfere with your living space. You could opt for a shoe rack outside your door to serve the purpose, but ensure it is not directly in line with the door. 


Feng shui suggests incorporating natural elements to your interiors and decor. In order to do so, you could use some wooden elements or incorporate plants into your living space. You could use different plants of varying sizes depending on the space that you are furnishing. Natural elements are known to be positive for the flow of energy and also help create an overall pleasant environment. Not to forget, having plants around the house is beneficial for your physical health as well, purifying the air you breathe, making them overall a great choice for your home. 

In totality, the principles of feng shui can not only help create a positive environment in your living spaces, but are also extremely practical and functional. In line with it’s principles you can easily create a home that harbours positive energy and growth while also looking and feeling great, encouraging a good mindset. 


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