Germ Shield Tiles (With VC/Slip Shield)

In our continuous journey towards manufacturing innovation, our R&D team has successfully developed a unique property of Germ shield in our patented technology VC and Slip Shield without affecting its aesthetic appeal. The dedicated team has devised a solution to eliminate the germs that come in contact with the surface along with the intrinsic property of abrasion resistance (VC Shield) and Slip resistance (Slip Shield).

Somany Ceramics with its strong R&D team has come up with Germ Shield Tiles. These tiles have a unique Germ Shield Technology, which adds anti-bacterial properties to these tiles. These Germ Shield Tiles are 99% germ and bacteria resistant.

Somany has the patent for high abrasion resistant VC shield technology and Slip Shield Technology. Now with this innovation, SCL introduces Germ Shield Tiles which are be ideal for areas like Bed Room, Drawing room, Kitchen, bathrooms, hospitals, schools etc. especially for the elders and children in your family who will now be protected by the antibacterial property of these newly launched tiles.

These tiles are manufactured with a special Nano chemical coating which inhibits the growth of germs, bacteria, fungus and other microbes that come into its contact. It was technically possible by increasing the specific surface area using a Nano chemical which is very reactive due to the ultra-low particle size. This product with superior technology yet affordable price is a perfect solution for the health conscious generations.

These tiles have extremely large surface area, increasing their contact with bacteria and fungi, this vastly improving its bactericidal and fungicidal effectiveness.

Due to its very high stabilization temperature, activity of our Germ Shield remains unaffected even in extreme weather condition. Moreover, these tiles are easy to clean and help you to maintain hygiene in your spaces.

The Germ Shield tiles with VC are durable and are having long lasting effect of Abrasion Resistance as well, which is a key feature of our patented VC Shield Technology.

The Germ Shield Tiles with Slip Shield come with Anti-Skid Technology. These tiles come with a unique glaze composition which is a homogeneous solution of the inorganic oxide to give slip resistance property.

Available Sizes:
  • Germ Shield tiles with VC: 600X600mm and 600X1200mm
  • Germ Shield Tiles with Slip Shield: 600X600mm