Architecture in India- Simplified : 4 Steps to become a Successful Architect

Introduction to Architecture in India

The profession of Architecture in India is growing at a fast pace. However, there is a lot of confusion about the profession in general. Is there scope for architecture in India? How do I become an architect? Which architecture is college best for me? What after I become an architect? What are the placements a student gets after doing architecture? How to establish and successfully manage an architectural firm? These are all questions which wander about in the minds of aspiring architects as well as architects/architectural students who have already made a foray into the world of architecture.

The following article talks about these questions and broadens the discussion on these very relevant questions. The article then concludes with a book written by the Talk Architecture team to answer these basic questions.

 An Introduction to the World of Architecture

Architecture is one of the sunrise professions in India and broadly in the world. However, it is plagued with many a misunderstanding about it. There is a general lack of knowledge about the profession, in terms of what it requires and what is to be delivered. The questions pertaining to the profession can be broken down into the following 3 categories:

  1. Architecture in India; General Know-How about the Profession
  2. How to become an architect in India?
  3. What after I become an architect in India?

This article touches upon these topics part by part in some detail.

Architecture in India; General Know-How about the Profession

As mentioned above, architecture in India is a sunrise profession. With the boom in infrastructure in the country and the growth potential in the coming years, makes architecture a very lucrative career choice. Architects as entrepreneurs or otherwise are set to become increasingly successful in the coming years as seen in the other developed countries. Thus, one can easily say that there is an immense growth potential.

However, on the flipside, there is a lot holding back the profession as well. Things such as red tapism, long wait periods for government approvals, black money issues, long gestation periods plague the infrastructure industry in general and thus, directly architects. However, the government is actively doing its best to fight away these issues through generalised laws, master plans, setting up regulatory boards and authorities. Porjects such as the 100 smart city project offer immense potential to architects. Thus, in the long term, one can easily say that the future of architects in India is secure and set to grow.

How to Become an Architect in India?

Now that you have a good understanding of the profession in general, let’s get into the technicalities. So the first question that comes to mind is that how does one become an architect in India? The answer is simple. An aspiring architect has to give one of the following questions; NATA (National Aptitude Test for Architecture – for private and regional state architectural colleges) or JEE Paper 2 (Joint Entrance Test for Centrally Funded Technology Institutes). Once one appears for these exams, the marks he/she gets determine the college that he/she get admission into. The Bachelor of Architecture degree or commonly known as B.Arch is a 5-year degree which includes a 6 month professional training period. Once the degree is attained, you can officially call yourself an architect (you get a license code from the COA- Council of Architecture). Please click on the following link to know more about How to become an architect in India.

What after I become an Architect in India?

Now that you are a certified architect, the question arises what do I do know? There are many answers to this basic but pertinent question. The following are just some of the alternatives; starting your own architectural firm, working as an employee in an architectural firm, opting for M.Arch (Masters in Architecture), going into research of a particular niche in the profession such as sustainable architecture, working as a architctural journalist and so on and henceforth. With the meteoric rise in the infrastructural sector, architecture as a profession is set to boom. Please click on the link below to know more about the options of what to do after you become an architect?

In this article, we have just touched the tip of the iceberg. There are many other questions which come to mind such as the good and the ugly of architecture, which colleges to opt for?, how to establish a successful architectural firm and so on and henceforth. While we have answered most of these questions throughout the length and breadth of the blog, we have summarized the answer to all of these questions in our popular book, Architecture in India: 4 Steps to Becoming a Successful Architect in India. Below are some of the topics that we have covered in the book.

Content – Architecture in India- Simplified: 4 Steps to becoming a Successful Architect

  1. Architecture in India
  2. Why is architecture the Sexiest profession?
  3. Why Not to be an Architect?
  4. Architectural Myths- Do you have to be good at Sketching to be an Architect?
  5. Architectural Myths- I am not good in Maths. Can I become an Architect?
  6. How to Become an Architect in India?
  7. Which Exams do you have to give to become an Architect?
  8. What IS NATA-National Aptitude Test In Architecture?
  9. JEE PAPER 2
  10. TOP 10 Architectural Colleges in India.
  11. What is the Course Content for B.Arch.?
  12. Government vs. Private Architectural Colleges.
  13. Is it worth it to go another city for college?
  14. Tips of getting through Architectural College
  15. How to Think Like an Architect?
  17. Setting Up an Architectural Firm
  18. Architectural Firm Registrations+ Scope of charges
  19. Note- Architectural Journalism
  20. Note – From the Authors




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