9 different architectural styles you should know about

Architecture is an ever evolving field, a discipline that works with the times to create the finest structures. Architecture itself has had certain trends and influences, throughout history altering the way it works. As times change, so do consumer demands, trends and ultimately the structures designed by architects have to acclimate to these changes. The tendency to adapt to different times and the demands they pose has given the opportunity for different architectural styles to develop. Each of these architectural styles seeks inspiration from the present, looks to the past or idealizes a future to create stunning designs. Every style has its own unique approach and format, making each a distinctive hallmark in itself. 

Every architectural style has its own charm and picturesqueness, bound to leave one awestruck. Whether you are an avid lover of history, or a true modernist at heart, there is  a style to suit one and all. Here are some of the most unique architectural styles throughout history that you need to know about: 


When we speak of architecture, romanesque is a style that has everyone in awe. Evident from its name, romanesque architecture draws from the era of Roman empires and their architecture. A romanticist and charming style, romanesque architecture is old world charm at its finest. Inspired by roman art, thai kind of architecture is straight out of storybooks, which was the running theme for it, to convey stories through structures. The romanesque style was all about arches, soft shapes, figures and some of the most intricate work across the structure. 

Primarily utilising natural materials such as marble, other stone and wood, roman architecture is exemplary. Pillars and finely crafted dome ceilings were a recurring element in most structures. Layering of arches and decadent decor, through different patterns and designs, made romanesque architecture a true wonder to look at.

Even today, the still standing roman architectural structures are a treat for sore eyes and some of the most loved tourist destinations. Modern architecture has also retained some of the features of romanesque architecture such as arch ways and pillars to form designs that are graceful and a class apart. 


Neoclassical architecture is a whimsical style in itself. Greek and Roman architecture revived in the late 18th to early 19th century essentially gave rise to what is known as the neoclassical style of architecture. The most noted feature of neoclassical architecture is its grandeur. Most neoclassical structures were built larger in scale, creating grand structures that impress people to this day.

The key features of this style saw traces of romanesque architecture in terms of the trend of columns pillar and dome shaped ceilings. However, neo classical had its own unique touch with the incorporation of geometrical designs, flat roofs and gorgeous droic and roman detailing to beautify the structure. The neoclassical style also had a tendency to keep it simple with blank walls where needed, creating an effect instead through the right kind of material.

Stones and bricks were a highlight material for this style alongside porcelain and marble creating stellar structures. Not just in it’s originator Europe, but neoclassical architecture has been seen to make its way to even other continents of the world, creating fine structures that stand as evidence to its marvel even today. 


The Victorian style of architecture draws its name from Queen Victoria of England, under whose reign this style actualised itself. Victorian architecture, to this day, is regarded for having built some of the finest structures and designs. A rather ornate style, Victorian architecture is a fine saga of delicate designs and romanticism. One of the most distinctive features of Victorian architecture is its extreme attention to detail.

Buildings and structures of the Victorian era have some of the most stunning and intricate designs carved and etched into them. Victorian architecture also utilized a lot of different colors to create graceful designs. Fancy chandeliers were also fairly loved in this style. Another key feature was the advent of huge ceiling to floor bay windows and verandas enveloping homes with greenery.

Victorian architecture is a dreamy style which has given way to some of the finest structures. Utilizing wood, stone, brick and mortar as the primary materials, Victorian architecture is elegance at it’s finest. 


Prior to the Victorian era of architecture, Georgian architecture was a leading style. Drawing its name from the reign of four King Georges of England, this style flourished under their rule. Georgian architecture was fairly different from the existing styles of architecture, as it focused a lot on simpler facades as opposed to the highly decked ones before it.

A key characteristic of Georgian architecture was its focus towards creating well proportioned symmetrical designs. Georgian designed homes are some of the most beautiful ones. In Fact it’s tendency to have a sleek door and with a short staircase connected to the sidewalk is still a prominent feature in many western homes. In the interiors, georgian homes focused on allowing a ton of natural light to flow in by installing a good amount of windows.

Subsequently, this style saw a lot of fine and intricate crown moldings, decorating relatively higher ceilings for a unique and grand look. While georgian architecture was simple, its beauty lay in its subtle approach to creating beautiful designs. This form of architecture mostly utilized stone, bricks, wood and stucco to create gorgeous monuments and equally stunning homes. 


Gothic architecture is one of the most eye-catching styles of architecture. Born out of the romanesque style, each building of gothic architecture is a stellar work of art in itself. While rising out of romanesque, gothic architecture is relatively different. One of the biggest differences and in fact the most noted characteristic of gothic architecture is its use of pointed arches as opposed to curvy ones. Pointed arches, tracery exterior and stained windows were classic for gothic architecture.

It had a unique take on designs, blending geometry with softer shapes to create a harmonious design. Complex web-like interlinked designs, in particular, were a recurring feature on walls and ceiling in this style. Gothic architecture used a lot of limestone, glass and iron to create fine designs. Thousands of churches across the European continent have been made with this style and are a true treat to look at. 


The beaux arts style of architecture essentially follows the principles and teachings of the Écolde des Beaux Arts school in Paris, which is also what it’s named after. The beaux arts style of architecture is the perfect medley of French and Renaissance influences and Roman and Greek features, creating rather opulent designs. Dramatic and baroque, this style of architecture is extremely pleasant. While the classical roman columns and pediments continued to be featured in this style, its uniqueness lay in it’s obsession with sculpting.

Each surface, from ceilings to walls to pillars, could be seen with intricately crafted sculptures decorating and making it all the more enchanting. A different feature of Beaux arts was its hierarchy of design. Especially in grander buildings, the style utilized a staircase and different levels on the same floor to create an effect of grandeur and royalty.

Entryways in particular were elaborately designed and often paired with beautiful well planned gardens for a picturesque look. While the style utilizes traditional stones and woods for its designs, metal and glass were also well used to create charming structures. 


Mediterranean architecture is one of the most famous ones, even for modern day homes. Since this style is a union of influences from different countries around the mediterranean sea, it gets it's name. A rather beautiful, bold and colorful style, the mediterranean approach is rather different and a popular pick for home designers especially even today.

In India especially, mediterranean architecture can be found in the coastal areas of Goa where portugal, one of the contributors to mediterranean architecture, set down its colonies. This type is characterized by a soothing symmetrical design, thick stucco walls, classic red tiled roofs and the ever charming wrought iron decor.

Mediterranean architecture has a rather resort-like approach to create spaces that feel luxurious and serene at the same time. While simple whites and beiges are common in such designs, bright yellows, blues and reds are equally featured creating bright eye-catching structures. 


Persian architecture is a scenic beauty. A beautiful medley of colors, and designs, persian architecture is different and gorgeous.Originating in persia, it spread it’s influence to Chinese and Indian locales during the colonial era, creating a mark for ist unique style. Many monuments in India built during the islamics period show the influence of persian architecture, creating literal work of arts in the form of buildings and structures.

Persian architecture's most common additions are iwans or three side-covered courtyards that connect to the outside, creating an arid space. The two most beautiful features of this style is it’s work on the ceilings and the utilization of nets or jaalis. Dome ceilings are a recurring feature of Persian architecture. However, the under dome ceiling work is what sets it apart. From 3d designs to beautiful tile and stone work, there are a lot of unique and beautiful designs to be found. Plaster or cement made nets/jaalis on the other hand are patterns hollowed out and used specifically on windows to create a gorgeous shadows as the sun sets as well as a rather beautiful exterior.

The royal blue and mint blue in particular are colors that are central to the persian theme and thus often found in the designs. Stained glasses too are a well loved addition in this style to create charming spaces. 


The art deco style of architecture is inspired by the art deco visual art movement which prevailed through the 1920’s-30’s. The art deco style was all about bright and beautiful colors. The design was made to have a consistency throughout the interior as well as the exterior. Utilizing a blend of traditional and modern materials, this style was a true treat. It featured a lot of opulent detailing with sharp geometric features. Clean lines are rectangular defined structures were characteristic to this style. The color scheme is one of the most appealing qualities of this style. It was a class apart as it utilized bold and bright contrasting colors, even on the exterior for a classy yet fun look. Windows too were adorned with colors and patterns, giving them a unique and elegant look.

In Conclusion, the world of architecture is as diverse as the world and it’s cultures are. It is a field that floors the lines of time to create designs and structures that are relevant and absolutely stunning. Over time there have been a lot of different styles of architecture that have emerged. Some have persisted, some whose traces lie in modern design, while some are simply things of the past. However, each style is a unique outlook on what architecture can do. We brought to you a round up of few of the most amazing architectural styles that you can look to for inspiration.


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