6 Tips for Saving Money on Building Construction

Every small & big construction project requires a certain amount of investment in materials & labor. While labor costs mostly remain standard, one place where contractors can gain higher profits is by lowering the costs of building materials. This doesn’t mean that you acquire low-quality materials. 

Instead, you try to get high-quality materials from suppliers at discounted rates or use other strategies to lower the cost of your building materials. So, it all boils down to the kind of tactics you use while getting building materials from your suppliers. 

Here are some practical strategies that will help you to reduce the costs of the building materials for your project.

6 Ways to Save Money on Building Construction

1. Go for Easy-to-Install Building Materials

Just imagine this, you buy various types of building materials, out of which some are easy to install whereas others are difficult to install.

When you calculate the time, labor & money involved in installing both the materials, you’ll realize that the complicated building materials consume more time, costs & labor as compared to less complicated building materials. But, that’s not the only benefit of easy-to-install construction materials!

You also minimize the risk of failure simply because your employees will know exactly how to install these building materials.

You’ll come across various construction materials like electrical boxes, electrical outlets, light switches, veneers, wood surfaces, laminates, etc., that are easy to install. 

Therefore make it a point to look for materials that are easy-to-install & fit your business needs. You may also get in touch with retailers and ask them to suggest easy-to-install products.

Note: The construction marketplace is ever-changing. So, continually update yourself with the latest developments on building materials because you will most likely find easier, better & more efficient solutions while buying construction materials.

2. Avail Modular or Prefabricated Materials

Prefabricated or Modular building materials point to the assembly of various parts of the building at a manufacturing unit. After this process, all the subassemblies are transported to the construction site where they get assembled.

Now, you might be thinking that modular building materials tend to be custom-made, so they should be expensive. But it is the exact opposite. Why?

Prefabricated or modular construction materials consume less time as compared to traditional construction. In addition to that, you can reduce construction costs associated with labor, construction effort, overall raw materials & construction financing too.

Interesting fact: Prefabricated materials offer extensive & easy redesigning opportunities to Contractors, Architects & Creatives.

3. Buy Building Materials at Wholesale or in Bulk

This is perhaps one of the most well-known tactics that contractors can use while getting building materials for their projects.

When you buy wholesale construction materials or get them in large quantities from vendors, you can quote a much lower price since you are buying in bulk. Usually, in such cases, vendors tend to give generous discounts.

If you buy the same building materials from single retailers, the chances are that you’ll have to purchase a certain quantity of products to actually get a decent discount. But, that’s not the case with wholesale building material suppliers.

Here’s another good reason to buy building materials in bulk:

Many construction projects often require numerous construction materials. So, if you buy them in bulk, you’ll save a lot of money compared to buying them from single retailers.

Tip: Divide the materials you need into separate groups/sections of construction like exterior structure, interior rooms, frame, & others. Estimate the cost for each set of construction work & determine which ones required bulk materials & then proceed to buy those materials.

4. Always Have a Network of Suppliers

If you avail construction materials from only one supplier, you will have to pay the price that the supplier quotes. So, you might get a discount or maybe you won’t.

On the other hand, if you have a good network of suppliers, then you can always go for a supplier that offers you good deals. Sometimes, these suppliers hope to win you over & therefore provide more discounts than the rest of the competition.

However, whatever the case may be, check the quality of the building materials as sometimes suppliers who offer lower prices might provide low-quality materials.

Note:  Your interpersonal or negotiation skills will come into play when you discuss deals & discounts. So, leverage the right kind of tactics to get your materials at a lower price.   

5. Try to Get Free Delivery of Your Construction Materials

The idea is pretty simple – Instead of using your crew for shipping purposes, ask the supplier to ship the building materials to the construction site.

This frees up your employees and helps you reduce construction costs associated with transportation of building materials & their handling at the vendor’s location.

In most cases, suppliers tend to comply with the free shipping request. But you need to ask. If you don’t, you’ll have to shell out additional money for something that you could have gotten for free.

6. Get Free Material Samples from Renowned Online Portals

As discussed in the first point, the construction marketplace is evolving at a rapid rate.

You'll come across many well-known websites that have collaborated with leading building material vendors to offer free material samples to contractors, architects & creatives.

All you need to do is check out their website and order a set of material samples for you & your client. If you both like them then, you can easily connect with reputed vendors & get high-quality building materials for your construction needs. You can also negotiate with these vendors to easily get good deals & discounts.

These are six ways contractors can save money on building construction. Want to order a set of free building material samples for your construction business project? Then head over to TheStoryboxx It is a reputed online portal that has collaborated with some leading material vendors in India to offer free samples delivered to your doorstep within 48 hours maximum. Like what you see? Then get in touch with renowned suppliers to avail building materials for your project with ease!


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