5 things to consider while choosing the materials for your project

The success of a construction project can be attributed to the quality of building materials used. The high or low quality of the construction materials will define the overall durability, character & endurance of the building. 

Therefore, Architects, Contractors & Creative Professionals should be cautious while shortlisting the necessary building materials for their project. One of the best ways to decide the construction materials for your project is to analyze the maintenance, stability & costs of each material. To save you the hassle, we have curated 5 important factors that you need to consider while choosing building materials for your project.

5 Things to Consider While Selecting Construction Materials

  • Cost of Construction Materials
  • When it comes to acquiring construction materials for any project, many contractors & architects tend to go for the most affordable products. That shouldn’t be the case. Why?

    When you buy substandard materials, your project will end up being substandard. That’s not all! You may even have to put in additional efforts & costs just to restore your project.  

    So, always go for building materials that will serve you well for a long time. This is much more cost-efficient than buying substandard products for your crucial construction project.

  • The Impact of Climate
  • The construction materials that you buy for your project should effectively respond to the climate & the context. 

    Determinants such as the amount of daylight, the average extent of cold or heat during the year, rain or snowfall and needed ventilation are some points that should be considered before getting materials for your valuable project. 

    When climate comes into the picture, your requirement of materials also changes. That is why you need to go for those materials that evolve & respond according to the climate. 

  • Durability of the Building Materials
  • As discussed in the first point, simply going for affordable materials isn’t a profitable decision for your construction project. You need to be smart when you are choosing construction materials for an all-important project.

    Some materials are more repellant to moisture & corrosion whereas others can withstand various environmental conditions without breaking a sweat. Usually, Architects, Contractors & Creative Professionals know what they are looking for.

    However, if you have any confusion about the durability of the products then you can simply order a batch of free construction samples from reputable online websites. A handful of such websites collaborate with leading material vendors to offer free samples for you and your client. If you are satisfied with the product then you can easily connect with the material vendors and get all your construction materials from one place. Pretty convenient, right?

  • The Availability
  • Why put your project on hold due to the non-availability of materials? 

    Choose materials that can be easily acquired. Did you know that the availability of construction materials actually determines the time & cost for installation?

    Some materials are locally available and transporting them to your job site is easy & cost-effective. On the other hand, there are materials that need to be ordered from a different part of the country and getting them delivered is a big hassle which obviously results in increased costs.

    So, save time & effort by selecting materials that can be easily delivered to your construction site.

  • Are the Construction Materials Sustainable?
  • The construction industry has been evolving at a rapid rate which has resulted in the requirement of new & sustainable building materials. Why so?

    Some construction materials such as cement are contributing to a surge in carbon footprint. Keeping the carbon emission levels low is slowly becoming a necessity.

    That is why, many architects & creative professionals are moving towards utilizing sustainable & eco-friendly construction materials such as fly ash, earth, metakaolin, bamboo, rice husk ash, silica fume and others for their construction projects. This not only minimizes the impact on the environment but helps contractors save money as many of these materials are locally available at affordable prices.

    Analyzing so many materials & their characteristics might be a tough task for anyone. Is there a way to determine the aforementioned factors from the comfort of your home? 

    Enter Storyboxx, a one-stop-shop online portal where you can check out various building materials from multiple material categories. Once you select 5 materials in a  Box of Different types, simply place an order by paying a nominal shipping fee (the building material samples are free!). All the material samples will be shipped to your doorstep in a couple of business days. Easily analyze the durability, performance, aesthetics, sustainability and other factors from the comfort of your home. If you like what you see, go ahead and connect with leading material vendors and get all your construction materials from one place!


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