10 tips to Market your Architectural Firm

A common problem rather an excuse that most people give is that there is no work in the market, or the market is in a slump and if it continue the same way that they might go under. To successful people these are just excuses and the lack of adequate marketing. Read on as we cover in this post 10 effective tips to market your firm and to get to the next level as fast as possible.

Social Media-

Social media is something which is underutilized by most companies small and big.  In the digital world that we live in today, it is imperative that companies share and reach out to maximum number of people possible. This can be in the form of running paid campaigns, sharing recent developments, creating interesting and out of the box styled ads and so much more. In this day and age, social media is by far the most effective and efficient marketing strategies which gives companies the maximum bang per advertising buck.

A company Website-

An awesome looking company website too plays an important part in brand creation and getting leads which help you propel to the next level. It helps you showcase your portfolio, clients, contact information, a little bit about you, your products, goals and so much more. If you can do proper SEO (Search engine Optimization) for your website it can lead to wonders by getting you a number of leads. For the readers who are unfamiliar with what SEO is, it basically helps you rank higher on google and other search engines thereby making it easier for people to find you over the net.

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A regular Blog-

A regular blog is something which work magic. It helps you create a niche over the net and draws traffic to your website which can then be diverted to your main company website. This leads to lead creation opportunities and firmly establishes your company as the market leader in your respective field. A blog will also help you with content for sharing on social media and solving customers doubts in regards to your product.

Company Listing-

Another time tested way of promoting your firm is by listing it on offline and online classifieds. They may be paid or free listings. It will be better if you opt for the paid ones, as they will bring in better results. But if your marketing budget is tight, go for the free listings. Some examples are the yellow pages, local offline directories, online classifieds such as OLX. Quickr, Just Dial and Dial me Now among others.

Attending Tradeshows and Seminars-

Attending trade shows and seminars will also help attract a lot of attention both inside and outside of your respective industry. The networking which can be done at such events can help propel your company to the next level by getting the right cleints and suppliers for your business.

Getting Media Coverage-

Getting media coverage is another great way of expanding your reach. This is a relatively expensive way of promoting your company and typically requires working with a PR company. It includes promotional blog posts on popular sites, articles in newspapers, appearing on radio programs and magazines to being featured on air on a popular television talk show. This exponentially increases the reach of your company and if you have a sufficient marketing budget to fund the campaign, it is the way to go.

Attending Sales Calls-

Attending sales calls is a traditional method of getting out there and getting in touch with prospective clients. The advantage of this method is that you get to personally contact or woo your clients. Whereas the disadvantage is that the effective reach of this conventional method is too low. This method is still effective for the architectural profession due to the close relationship required between the architect and the client.

Email Marketing-

This is yet another great marketing tool which has a wide reach. The important thing to keep in mind to create an effective mail marketing campaign is that the database should be extremely specific and large enough to get sufficient results. While this is good tool to get your company out there, make sure that this is just one of the avenues for getting your company out there.

Cold Calling –

While many companies reject this promotional strategy at the first instant, it is a great way to get clients. The success of this strategy depends upon the quality of the database, the quality of the tele caller and the size of the database targeted.  The disadvantage of this strategy might be the loss of brand value if not properly executed and effective reach of the program.


This strategy is only used by the medium to large sized companies due to the inherent cost of the campaigns. The success of the strategy is dependent upon the size of the marketing budget, the marketing strategies to be followed and the choice of medium followed. Examples of this method includes featuring on radio programs, popular television channels, big hoarding and so on and henceforth.

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Thus, if you really want to go out there and promote your company, there are umpteen number of possible options which will help your company get to the next level .


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